The Story that Had to be Told

In February 2019, Vincent almost lost his life in a near-fatal accident when a propane tank exploded in his garage. After the accident, the New York City motorcycle community rallied behind Vincent to raise more than $77,000 thousand dollars. This was a communal act of solidarity with an element of karma; Vincent, himself has raised over $70,000 for the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a motorcycle charity that raises funds for prostate cancer research and builds awareness around men’s mental health. Vincent’s persistent, annual efforts to raise money for a cause has had far-reaching impacts. In addition to providing financial support to men in need, he also has inspired others to fundraise for DGR and has built a strong network of friends and family who came through in his own time of need.

When we heard about Vincent’s accident and the rallying efforts of those around him, our film team knew this story had to be told. We are honored to be the ones to tell it so that we can celebrate Vincent and the New York motorcycling community to which he is so central.